Monday, May 1, 2017 @ 7:00pm

Bloomfield Fire Station

Purpose: Review City Administration Options


The Mayor and City Council have scheduled a Town Hall Meeting for Monday, May 1, 2017 at 7:00 PM at the Bloomfield Fire Station. The purpose of the Town Hall Meeting is to provide Bloomfield residents an opportunity to hear about the City's plans to review and possibly change the City's overall organizational structure.

The City of Bloomfield has experienced some recent changes in employees and the City Council has decided that it may now be a good time to investigate ways to enhance and improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of city government in Bloomfield. While no decision has been made, one of the options up for consideration is the establishments of a city administrator position. Many cities in Iowa have adopted the city administrator plan of city government in recent years.

Prior to making this important decision, the Mayor and City Council would like to know what the residents of Bloomfield think. Therefore, this Town Hall Meeting has been scheduled to: (1) explain and review all of the City's options, (2) list the pros and cons of each option, (3) offer suggestions and observations. A copy of the agenda for the Town Hall Meeting has been posted below. For more information, contact Mayor Chris Miller or any member of the City Council.


Mayor & City Council Members

City of Bloomfield, Iowa


Town Hall Meeting Agenda


1. Welcome and Introduction

A. Mayor, City Council, and City Employees

B. Patrick Callahan, Municipal Consultant

C. Bloomfield Residents


2. General overview of Town Hall Meeting

A. Purpose of the Meeting

B. The Overall Format of Plan

C. Discussion and Recommendations


3. The History of City Government in Bloomfield

A. The “early days” in Bloomfield

B. Current Plan - Director of Public Works, City Clerk, and Part Time Mayor

C. Recent Retirements and Changes

D. Recent Council Discussions - City Administrator Position and Various Options


4. Overview of the City’s Options - City Administration Structure

A. The Current Plan - Mayor (P.T.), Public Works Director and City Clerk

B. City Administrator/City Clerk - Dual Position

C. City Administrator/Public Works Director - Dual Position

D. City Administrator - Stand Alone Position

E. Full Time Elected Mayor

F. Additional Options?


5. General Overview of the City Administration Structure in Other Cities in Iowa

A. The Early History in Iowa

B. Code of Iowa - City Plans or Options

C. The Trend in Recent Years

D. Examples of the Options in Iowa


6. Small Group Discussions

A. Discussion of the Options

B. Advantages of Each Option

C. Disadvantages of Each Option

D. Suggestions of the City Council


7. Report Back to the Whole Group

A. Pros and Cons of Each Option

B. Suggestions for the City Council


8. City Administration Questionnaire

A. Explanation of Questionnaire

B. Comments and Observations

C. Complete and Return - May 3rd


9. Next Steps in Process for City Council

A. Council Decision on Best Plan

B. Prepare City Ordinances

C. Prepare Job Descriptions

D. Start the Search Process


10. Questions and Comments


11. Adjourn