CodeRED is a high-speed telephone emergency notification service used by the City of Bloomfield, Davis County and the Davis County Hospital to deliver emergency telephone messages to targeted areas or the entire city or county.  CodeRED has been used to update residents about street construction, snow emergencies, and most recently the gas leak in Belknap.  Only registered phone numbers are called, so if a phone number has not been registered then no call is made. The system uses geographically based delivery, which means street addresses are required to ensure calls are received by the proper individual.

How does a phone number get registered?

All individuals and businesses should register. If you have an unlisted phone number, have changed your phone number, have changed your address or use a cell phone, please register to ensure you are notified.  There are several options to register required information

  • Log onto  and click on the CodeRED picture at left or, and follow the link to the CodeRED Residential and Business Data Collection page.
  • Call the City of Bloomfield at 641 - 664 -2260 or the Davis County Recorders Office 641 - 664 - 2321.
Please register again if you have moved and kept the same land or cell phone number.